Disputes in areas such as employee litigation is a strong suit for Santa Clarita Attorney Jeff Hacker in Santa Clarita, California.

We are here for your assistance if you feel in need of any labor dispute claims. If you need assistance in areas such as trade secret laws or perhaps you need assistance in unfair competition disputes, corporate, and transactional law, Hacker Law Group in Santa Clarita will be there.

When going into business, having verbal agreements with no physical or real written documents may seem easier and less work for the parties that are deciding to join together in business.

The major issue with verbal agreements that do not get written down, signed, and agreed upon is a risk of no commitment to said agreements.

Not every situation has to be a purposeful action to sabotage or gain control in a market, sometimes memories and verbal agreements can get lost, forgotten, and misunderstood. When situations that pertain to actions that purposely try to use advantages such as unfairly and illegally obtaining client lists or hot leads against your favor, we at Hacker Law Group are here for your assistance.

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Going into a business deal or transaction needs to be done both verbally and on paper for your safety and rights. Exploitation of hard work never should occur, especially when it affects your ability to grow or sustain a profit. Trade secrets, unfair competition, transactional, and corporate law are all areas in business disputes we here at Hacker Law Group can help with.

With a proper trade secret law understanding as well as knowing both sides of the fence with employee and employer rights/laws, Hacker Law Group will make sure your hard work, formulas, or other valued information can be safe and secure in the hands of proper documentation and the law.

Do not allow your contracts to be breached or agreements go uncontracted. This may leave you stressed and lost in the field of laws and rights. With proper attorney representation in business laws, Hacker Law Group has got you covered.

Call us today at (661) 259-6800 or email at jeffh@hackerlawgroup.com and let us help you in your time of need.

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