Business and Employment

person signing business contractHacker Law Group’s business and employment litigation practice reflects the firm’s commitment to client service and obtaining results across a wide range of problems — employment disputes, trade secret violations, ownership disputes, and other problems businesses encounter. Jeff’s practice includes complex problem solving, which has formed the central core of the Firm’s practice.

We Handle All Types of Business, Employment and Commercial Disputes. Here are Some Examples.

Contract Litigation:

When contracts are broken or disputed, Hacker Law Group can step in. Breach of contract can be a serious issue, potentially causing significant financial harm.

Ownership & Partnership Disputes:

If the ownership of a company has come into question or you are seeking dissolution of your business relationship, we can help.

Intellectual Property (IP) Claims:

Intellectual property is defined as a “creation of the mind” that exclusively belongs to the creator. When intellectual property is allegedly stolen or infringed upon, this becomes a matter of IP litigation. IP is protected by trademarks, copyrights and patent rights. We can also help you by protecting your hard work!

Employment Litigation:

Facing a labor law issue? The Employee minefield of laws is the biggest issue facing both employees and employers today. It is also one of the biggest expenses and threats to an on-going business. We can help both employees and employers protect their respective rights. We know both sides of the fence, which is why we are effective.

Trade Secrets, Unfair Competition, Transactional, and Corporate Law:

It has been said: all is fair in love and business. However, unfairly obtaining confidential or proprietary information, such as a customer list or your “secret sauce” gives a competitor or former employee an unfair advantage. Don’t let all of your hard work be exploited! We can help you protect your valuable information or prevent your hard work from being used.

Successful commercial and corporate transactions are essential to economic growth. Properly documenting the transaction and planning ahead for future contingencies is essential. Often, memories fade over time and misunderstandings can occur. A well thought out written agreement can avoid these misunderstandings or mistrusts. Writings can also define the commitments and performance of each party and help to withstand legal challenges when things go wrong.

Let us help you.  Hacker Law Group is your go-to law firm. We are located in Santa Clarita but firm represents clients throughout California and in other states

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