Hacker Law Group is a professional and well respected law firm which is primarily located in Santa Clarita. This firm was established by Jeff Hacker, who happens to be a trusted and experienced attorney and has been practicing law for more than 35 years.

They know how to handle a courtroom and can efficiently handle any case while keeping their clients best interest in mind.

Hacker Law Group is known for practicing in a variety of different areas of cases such as business litigation, personal injury, employment law, real estate law, corporate law, accidents and even disputes.

When it comes to business and employment services, they also offer any contract litigations and Intellectual Property claims. Jeff and his team even handle confidential trade secrets and any unfair competition. The real estate cases are practiced as well, which helps any owners, buyers, lenders, and more. Real estate construction and developers have also been known to be represented by Jeff Hacker.

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Accidents do happen and Hacker Law Group helps all victims of accidents get the justice they seek for their injuries. Any personal injury and wrongful death claims happen to be among the firm’s specialties. Some of the categories they handle are; all car accidents, pedestrians, and even workplace violence. If you happen to be seriously harmed or suffered a catastrophic injury, Jeff Hacker will be able to help you.

If you are looking for an award winning law firm that is extremely respected and trusted, take a look at Hacker Law Group. Jeff Hacker and his firm are here to help make your life much easier with the benefit of being less stressful in court. For those that are interested in pursuing courtroom action, do not hesitate to give them a call.

Jeff Hacker of Hacker Law Group is an attorney in Santa Clarita who specializes in business and employment, real estate and catastrophic personal injury. The Santa Clarita attorney received Martindale-Hubbell’s esteemed AV Preeminent peer review rating, which demonstrates the highest level of professional excellence in a variety of areas. If you’re looking for an “attorney near me” or the best attorney in Santa Clarita, Hacker Law Group is committed to fight for their clients and provide outstanding results. To learn more, contact the attorneys in Santa Clarita today.

Jeff Hacker of Hacker Law Group

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