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Trade secrets, by definition, do not involve commonly known information, present some sort of economic advantage to the rights holder and are important enough to be protected for maintaining secrecy. Santa Clarita Lawyer Jeff Hacker has extensive experience in protecting existing businesses from having their know-how or customers being ripped off by a former employee or competitor. The firm also has experience in helping new businesses wither an attack by the “Goliath” in that industry trying to squash the new competition.

We help people and businesses with their trade secrets, non-solicitation or noncompetition. Sometimes questions also arise as to the ownership of intellectual property such as software, service marks or copyrights. If your trade secrets as a business or an individual are being infringed upon, Hacker Law Group can help protect your rights under Section 1839 of United States Code 18.

At Hacker Law Group, our seasoned Valencia attorneys can develop and execute a comprehensive litigation strategy that covers the full range of the issues that may develop from the purchase of a company or the departure of a key employee. Contact us to learn how our approach to trade secrets and noncompetition litigation can make the decisive difference in your case.

Our firm knows how to analyze, litigate and resolve disputes that involve trade secrets or noncompetition claims. In some situations, we can help you find insurance coverage to help pay your defense.

Call Santa Clarita Business Lawyer Jeff Hacker!

Santa Clarita Business Attorney Jeff Hacker of Hacker Law Group has been practicing law in Santa Clarita since 1983. Many of his past cases and experience is in the form of trade secret litigation. While complex litigation may be something that other lawyers run from, Mr. Hacker embraces it. To learn more about how this firm could assist you in your trade secret case, please do not hesitate to contact Hacker Law Group today.