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Santa Clarita lawyers at Hacker Law Group also handle professional negligence and malpractice claims both as freestanding civil or administrative actions and in the context of broader litigation involving contract or tort claims. Whether your case reflects an unsatisfied client's complaint or a counterclaim following your own action to collect unpaid fees, we can investigate the charges, make an accurate assessment of your exposure, and find the most effective strategies for resolving the case.

Many clients value our ability to hold liability insurers to their commitments under malpractice or E & O (Errors and Omissions) policies. Our thorough familiarity with professional liability insurance can prove invaluable not only for securing your right to defense and indemnification, but also for supporting your practical ability to pursue your own claims in complex litigation.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is a type of liability insurance that protects both individuals and companies against paying the full cost of ramifications in the event of a negligence claim. Professional negligence claims are typically made by those who would consider themselves “clients.” In the case of medical malpractice (physician negligence) the patient or family of the patient would be the plaintiff.

Call our professional malpractice attorneys today!

Whether you are pursuing a claim or need legal representation for defending against one, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Santa Clarita professional liability attorney Jeff Hacker of Hacker Law Group. You can trust this firm’s experience in professional liability issues to serve to your advantage. To learn more about how this law firm may be able to assist you, call 661-259-6800.