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Troubled construction projects have a way of creating a multitude of problems. If your company is a party to construction litigation, it stands to benefit from the advice of our Santa Clarita attorneys who can meet the demands of your various problems and navigate through complex and thorny issues. Get in touch with the Santa Clarita lawyers at Hacker Law Group for practical litigation solutions for construction disputes in Southern California.

Three Essential Objectives

Although the right approach to any case depends on the specific facts and relationships involved, our general strategy from one situation to another covers three essential objectives:

  1. Preparing your claim or defense based upon an understanding of the facts, the law and your long-term objectives
  2. Identifying all parties who might be responsible to you
  3. Getting the maximum benefit of all applicable insurance coverage for defense, indemnification, business interruption or casualty loss, depending on the facts of your case

Whether your case involves contract, collection, development, lien, defect, warranty or tort claims — or any combination of these — you can depend on us to develop and execute the litigation strategy that best meets your needs. Our clients range from small builders and subcontractors to owners, developers and purchasers. The scope of our construction litigation practice covers the full spectrum from defects or warranty claims to complex multiparty actions involving developers, general contractors, subcontractors, lenders, guarantors, brokers and insurers.

Santa Clarita Law Firm for Construction Litigation

One project gone wrong during the process of construction can quickly lead to many others. You as an individual or your company may currently be faced with a construction-related dispute. To learn more about how Hacker Law Group might be able to assist you, don’t hesitate to call today and speak with one of our skilled attorneys!