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Hacker Law Group's business litigation practice reflects the firm's commitment to client service and obtaining outstanding results across a wide range of litigation problems — employment disputes, trade secrets violations, ownership issues, and other problems businesses encounter. We've been working toward building our civil practice since Jeff Hacker hung out his shingle in 1983. Jeff's practice includes sophisticated and complex business litigation, which has formed the central core of the Firm's practice.

At Hacker Law Group in Santa Clarita, CA, we encourage our litigation clients to think about their rights and how our business lawyers may assist in resolving their disputes regardless of whether they are sued or are suing. The cases we handle typically involve counterclaims, cross-claims and third-party practice. What might have begun as a contract action against your company might be dwarfed by the claims you can pursue against one or more opponents. To learn how you can benefit from the experience and focus of Hacker Law Group's litigation practice, contact us via email or call us at 661-259-6800. Our Santa Clarita law firm represents clients of all sizes and in all capacities. Our ability to integrate our skills with intelligent strategy and dispute resolution tactics can make the difference in your case. We practice in the state and federal courts.

Types of Business and Commercial Disputes

For more than 30 years, Jeff Hacker’s civil practice has been the primary focus of our work. Hacker Law Group can handle critical roles in complex or high-stakes litigation. Examples of the kinds of litigation matters we handle include:

Contract LitigationWhen contracts are broken or come under dispute, Hacker Law Group can step in. Breach of contract is a serious issue, and it could potentially cause significant financial harm. Whether you are being accused of breaking a contract or another party is guilty of breaking their end of the contract, our Santa Clarita business lawyers are prepared to act.

Ownership & Partnership DisputesIf the ownership of a company has come into question or you are seeking dissolution of partnership, then our firm can help. Partnership disputes can put an unwelcome hold on your business.

Trade Secrets & Unfair CompetitionThe United States economy operates on the principle of fair competition. Obtaining information that is otherwise secret gives businesses and individuals an unfair advantage over the competition. This is an aspect of intellectual property law and we can help.

Intellectual Property (IP) ClaimsIntellectual property is defined as a “creation of the mind” that exclusively belongs to the creator. When intellectual property is allegedly stolen or infringed upon, this becomes a matter of IP litigation. IP is typically protected by rights like trademarks, copyrights and patents.

Employment LitigationFacing a labor law issue? Our Santa Clarita business attorneys are here for you. Hacker Law Group can protect employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act and help employers by ensuring adherence to this and other occupational regulations.

Insurance DisputesHave you filed an insurance claim that was denied? Our firm can help with bad faith insurance practices, wrongful denials and insurance claims fraud.

Construction LitigationAre you involved in a dispute over a construction project? Litigation often arises about the quality of construction, length of construction time and fulfillment of the construction contract.

Business Litigation Services in Santa Clarita, CA

No matter what your business or commercial dispute, Hacker Law Group is your go-to law firm in Santa Clarita. Our firm represents clients in Valencia, Canyon Country, Newhall and other surrounding communities. Mr. Hacker and the attorneys at the firm have more than 30 years of collective experience in this practice area. Trust them with your next business or commercial litigation issue. To learn more or to call us to schedule a consultation, please contact our Santa Clarita law firm today!