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Santa Clarita law firm, Hacker Law Group, has assisted real estate developers and property owners in obtaining government approval for their project in the City of Santa Clarita. Whether it is the expansion of the local hospital, the construction of a freeway sign, or the approval of new housing for our community, we can help.

We have also successfully represented real estate developers, contractors and subcontractors in a multitude of situations. This firm handles issues such as construction defects and environmental hazards, just to name a few.

For Real Estate Developers

If you’re a real estate developer, our firm recognizes that you have a vision for a project. Our attorneys want to assist in turning that vision into a tangible reality. Hacker Law Group has assisted many real estate developers in the past so that they can move past any challenges that they might face. We help developers execute their projects the right way.

For Contractors & Subcontractors

If you are a contractor, subcontractor or in a related occupation, Hacker Law Group could assist you as well. In this occupation, you or your company might be facing claims of construction defects or that you are posing an environmental threat or hazard to the community. Our firm knows land use law, and can provide you with the legal knowledge necessary to get past this dispute. Please contact Hacker Law Group now if we can help or answer your questions.